Zero Terrain opens the door to the future of energy storage at COP28
  • Storing energy is the key solution to achieving climate goals since it supports the usage of renewable electricity in the most efficient way. Pumped-hydro storage (PHS) is the preferred solution for long-duration storage.
  • Decarbonized electricity generation plays an increasingly significant role in the clean energy mix, contributing to a pollution-free energy landscape.
  • Zero Terrain’s novel PHS technology is the next-generation solution in the field, eliminating the need for altitude difference in terrain as the plant can be built on flat land; traditional pumped-hydro storages can only be built in mountainous areas.
  • Zero Terrain’s demo project in Paldiski, Estonia will start construction in 2024. The venture is also an EU Project of Common Interest, which indicates the need for this kind of solutions globally.

Zero Terrain takes the stage at the UN Climate Conference COP28 for the first time, presenting its novel energy storage concept.

Supporting renewable energy with storage is essential as it provides emissions-free energy even when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. Pumped-hydro energy storage (PHS) is widely used, constituting 95% of all grid-scale storage capacity worldwide. Zero Terrain’s demo project – the 500MW PHS plant in Estonia – is supporting the nation’s goal in transition to 100% independent renewable energy by 2030 and ensuring lower electricity prices for consumers in the future.

The uniqueness of Zero Terrain’s pumped-hydro storage lies in the fact that, compared to traditional plants built in mountains, the company’s concept for PHS can be applied on flat terrain, opening the door to widespread energy storage globally.

“Achieving climate goals requires a significant collective effort; globally, it is crucial to transition to renewable energy sources as quickly as possible. However, it is important to do so intelligently, and in this regard, storage is the most optimal solution,” said Peep Siitam, Founder and CEO of Zero Terrain. “We plan to start construction of the first pumped-hydro plant in Estonia in the summer of 2024, but our actions do not stop there. COP28 gives us an excellent opportunity to contribute to global climate goals and explore opportunities to expand to other regions of the world,” he affirmed.

According to Keit Kasemets, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Climate of Estonia, the key words of this year’s COP are three times faster deployment of renewable energy solutions and twice the amount of energy savings. “Energy storage is one of the main tools to make the goals work: to protect ourselves against fluctuations in electricity prices and to use sustainable energy when we need it most. Every citizen is interested in how to manage energy wisely and responsibly, together with storage solutions, these topics will be the main focus of this year’s conference,” adds Kasemets.

Zero Terrain will also convene three panels during COP28 with global energy experts and industry-related policymakers to discuss the role, opportunities, and necessity of energy storage on the international stage. Among others, Nordic Investment Bank President André Küüsvek and former Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid will share their expertise.

Construction of the Paldiski plant based on Zero Terrain’s technology will commence in the second half of 2024, with the storage facility operational by 2029. The Paldiski PHS plant will be ready for commissioning in 2031.

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