Energiasalv investors are visionary organisations committed to driving the sustainable energy revolution forward. With a shared passion for innovation and environmental stewardship, our investors play a pivotal role in supporting cutting-edge technologies and projects that harness the power of renewable energy sources. Together, we are shaping a brighter and cleaner future for our planet, one investment at a time.


The mission at Sunly is geared towards advancing a cleaner and improved future. The primary focus is on facilitating the adoption of wind and solar power. However, reliance solely on established technologies and business models isn't the approach we take. Sunly also directs its investments towards early-stage startups in electrification, an area in which we possess extensive knowledge.


Alexela, an Estonian leader in sustainable energy, emphasises eco-friendly initiatives, delivering energy as a service tailored to customer needs and dynamic urban environments. The company produces biomethane and builds solar and wind farms for renewable energy promotion. Operating a bioLNG terminal in Hamina port, Finland, Alexela engages in large-scale projects like pumped hydro renewable energy storage Energiasalv and peak load biogas power plant.
With 100+ gas stations and 43 convenience stores in Estonia, it offers a comprehensive range of energy products, including electricity, natural gas, and various fuels. The company's commitment extends to sustainable mobility, with its vast network of electric vehicle charging stations and refuelling stations for hydrogen and biomethane. Estonians consistently recognise Alexela as the most socially and environmentally sustainable fuel brand, per the Sustainable Brand Index.


Vool has been an invaluable contributor to the project since 2007, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has played a pivotal role in the project's success. Their proactive engagement and strategic foresight have allowed for anticipatory adjustments, enabling the project to navigate challenges with resilience and agility.


Combiwood is a network of woodworking companies striving to grow communities and offer people the opportunity for development through the sustainable use of this time-honoured resource. Founded in 2003, Combiwood today is a vertically integrated network comprising sawmills, component factories, consumer goods factories, and sales and logistics companies. Across all manufacturing sites and offices they employ nearly 1,000 people.


Warmeston OÜ was established in 2003 and gained momentum in 2010 by opening its first factory in Sauga. Over the next three years, factories were established in Sõmeru (Ardor), Järvere, and Purila. From its early years, Warmeston has recognized its role in the global energy transition and prioritized sustainability. In 2016, Warmeston became one of the first ten companies worldwide and the first in Estonia to become SBP (Sustainable Biomass Program) certified. In 2018, Warmeston implemented the ISO 50001-certified energy management system, which ensures increasing energy efficiency through continuous monitoring and improvement.


Leading Independent Engineering Consultancy

Fichtner has provided the geological investigations and risk analyses and the report on Front-End-Engineering-Design.

International Management Consultancy

Roland Berger has provided a detailed risk assessment and mitigation plan to secure project financing.

Leading Energy Sector Consultancy

Thema has provided the project’s price impact assessment and technical feasibility studies.

Leading Consultancy in CEE & Nordics

Civitta has provided the life cycle assessment report, which studies the project’s potential carbon footprint and environmental impact.

International Corporate Finance Advisory

KPMG is Energiasalv’s main financial advisor, responsible for leading the revenue guarantee impact assessment and negotiation process, ESaaS contracting, and financial modelling.

Financial Modelling

Ernst and Young assisted Energiasalv with the preliminary financial model.

International Business Law Firm


Sorainen is the main legal advisor on the project, having supported the permitting process and other general legal topics.

Leading Nordic Multidisciplinary Consultancy 

Norconsult is responsible for preparing an independent technical due diligence report for investors.

Leading Nordic Communications Advisory


Miltton is responsible for advising strategic communication with governmental institutions.


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