Unobstructed future

We remove obstructions from affordable local renewable energy and create a secure clean future for generations to come.

Affordable, clean, and secure energy

We're here to lead the change in the green transition. Recent conflicts have shown the urgency of breaking free from fossil fuels and other dangerous dependencies. The energy sector faces three critical challenges: 
high prices, environmental impact, and supply security.

Our solution? Zero Terrain pumped hydro energy storage technology: affordable renewable energy, minimal ecological footprint, and rock-solid supply security. Zero Terrain is the path to an unobstructed future - a cleaner, brighter world awaits.

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Latest News

Dubai, 5th of December: World financial experts, representatives of countries, and renewable energy industry entrepreneurs at the UN Climate Conference agree that addressing the energy trilemma, balancing energy security, equity, and environmental sustainability, translates into practice as risk management.   ...

Eilsel ÜRO kliimakonverentsi (COP28) päeval keskenduti Eesti paviljonis rahvusvahelisele ja sektoriteülesele koostööle, sh jätkusuutlike energialahenduste ja ringmajanduse efektiivsemaks muutmise osas.   2030. aastaks seatud kliimaeesmärkide osas on ettevõtjad ja riigi esindajad ühel nõul, et lisaks poliitilise tasandi otsustele on muutusteks ...

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Who we are

Our team is a diverse group of individuals who bring a wide range of skills, expertise, and perspectives to the table. Together, we collaborate seamlessly to tackle complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions that drive our collective success.


Pumped-hydro energy storage plants are the most favorable large-scale storage technology, which helps balancing the power system and enables to switch from fossil-based economy to renewable-based economy.


Energiasalv is a 500MW underground battery to be built in Paldiski. When renewable energy is produced more than is consumed, Energiasalv stores renewable energy by pumping water from underground reservoirs into Paldiski Bay.